Virtual Music Videos

Miss making music? So do we.

Auri Productions collaborates with musical communities to create beautiful video performances. Serving music educators, worship leaders, theater directors, and the communities to which they belong.


We are eager to work with you from wherever you are located. Your possibilities are endless, from virtual choir, theater, band, orchestra, and more.

Illuminate your community through song.j

How Auri Productions makes virtual music easy:

  • We work with a collaborative mindset, bringing your vision to life.

  • Within 10 days, video submissions are transformed into an A+ performance.

  • With clear instructions and personal customer service, your ensemble will be supported through the recording and uploading process.

  • We offer additional services such as musical arrangements and live video shoots (New England, USA)  to supplement your virtual music project.

  • We can have guide tracks created for you by our partners at Kinnison Choral Co. or Hylton Music Design.

  • To accommodate your budget, we offer several packages at different price-points and have opportunities for discounts with our music educator's fund.

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Virtual Performance Starter Pack

Define Your "Why"
Select Your Repertoire
Make a Timeline

Organize Your Performers
Begin The Music-Making


Economy Package: $599

  • Includes up to 30 participants

  • Choose your grid layout

  • Choose a background

  • Designed to emulate a communal, lightly rehearsed performance, Auri Productions utilizes mixing techniques for group blend and balance

  • $15 for each participant over 30 participants

  • $100/minute after 5 minute mark

Classic Package: $999

  • 1hr Pre-production meeting

  • Includes up to 30 participants

  • This model offers a diverse viewing experience through the use of contrasting 2D grids and animated transitions.

  • Recommended by Auri Productions, classic audio resembles a rehearsed concert performance. Your audio will be edited to correct performance mistakes and touch on tuning and synchronization.​

  • Creative input accepted

    • Intro, Story-Telling Elements, Credits​

    • Input on backgrounds, video scenes, and movement

    • One round of free revisions

  • $30 for each participant over 30 participants

  • $100/minute over 5 minute mark

Custom Package: Request a Quote

The Custom Package has endless possibilities. Put yourself in the director's chair for an absolutely stunning video. You can mix and match our different offerings, including but not limited to:

  • Premium Video Editing​​

    • 3D Elements​

    • 3D Virtual Spaces

    • Storytelling Elements

    • Intro, Captions, Credits

  • Premium Audio Editing​

    • Advanced Audio Editing​

    • Radio-Ready Mixing and Mastering

  • Guide Tracks

  • Live Video Shoots​ (Greater Boston Area)

  • Musical Arrangements

  • Theater Productions​

3D Elements (Starting at 1:41)

Premium Video Editing

Radio Ready Audio / Musical Arrangement

Storytelling Elements / Musical Arrangement

Pay-to-Perform Model (Participants share the cost)

We will create a beautiful and personalized landing page for your project. Participants can access sheet music, guide tracks, recording instructions, and any special message that you may want to include. Once they have recorded their part from home, they will be able to submit their payment and video from the page.

Visit the landing page example created for the performers of "Goodness of God"

Guide Tracks

A guide track serves as an audio reference for a singer/player to perform with when recording their part of a virtual performance. This is a necessary tool for every virtual music project. Learn more about guide tracks.

While you may be able to create your own guide tracks, we recommend outsourcing to our trusted partners. Auri Productions can handle this transaction for you, or you can inquiry directly through their websites.

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Instrumental projects: 

Inquire directly or join the Virtual Band Consortium. They have repertoire and materials made specifically for virtual learning. Use code "VirtualMusic2020" for 10% off the completed consortium.

Music Educators' Fund

Music Educators may be eligible for money off their virtual music project. Limited funds available.

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