Live Streaming

Available in Boston and beyond

Auri Productions will travel to your Greater Boston event to live stream for your viewers at home.  We make live-streaming easy, so you can focus on executing your event. Our technology allows us to broadcast your event to the online location of your choosing. Perfect for the performing arts, routine religious services, graduations, funerals, and weddings, Auri Productions allows you to reach a global audience through the digital realm.

The Experience

Perform, Celebrate, Present, Connect.

Multiple camera angles and moving shots are executed for an impactful and diversified viewing experience.

Live stream from the comfort of your own space; we bring our services to you

We provide our own equipment or work with the equipment of your facility

Our friendly and knowledgeable crew will provide support leading up to your event, and bring your show to life on the day of. 

Premium Audio by Music Engineers

At the heart of our business is a passion for music. With professional audio engineers, music producers, and equipment, we are proud to offer live streaming services to illuminate your community through song.

Performers are individually mic'd as audio is mixed and optimized in real-time.

Turn your live stream into a live album with the help of our editors in post-production.

Accomplish an intimate performance in your own space.