Celebrating the Life of David Sheets

If you've ever served under David Sheets' choral direction, please join us in honoring his life and legacy through this song that embodies the way he lived. Your participation is vital to help paint the beautiful and far-reaching tapestry of his Kingdom legacy.

David Sheets, 65, passed away on January 30, 2021 at his home in Denton, Texas. Those who knew him witnessed a life fully and fervently committed to Jesus: a true rarity.

David served on staff at eleven churches across the US Midwest & East Coast, leading each community into a new understanding of authentic worship to Jesus through the gift of music. He selflessly served underprivileged communities through mission trips around the world - including Mexico, Peru, Cuba, and the Dominican Republic. He personally led dozens of people to salvation through Christ Jesus. His work as a family pastor improved and revived hundreds of marriages. He persuaded countless believers to obey God’s call to give their own lives to the ministry of the gospel.

David’s life of ministerial work drew applause. But anyone who knew him knows that he considered his countless achievements and accolades as nothing. Nada. “Zilch,” he would say. His only purpose (and joy) was to point others toward life change through the cross of Christ and its power to redeem.

"Goodness of God" Virtual Choir Tribute

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