Virtual Events

Graduations • Holiday Worship Services • School Orientations • Award Ceremonies • Funerals • Weddings • Baptisms •

Bat/Bar Mitzvah • Business Launches

Even if you are unable to physically gather at this time, you still deserve to celebrate the special moments with your community. This service is different from our live-streaming option, as a virtual event is pre-recorded and edited for broadcast. Compared to a live-stream, a pre-recorded virtual event will make your viewers feel as if they are part of the ceremony, rather than watching it happen without them. This option also allows everyone to stay safe at home, as all materials can be recorded and sent to Auri Productions remotely. 

If you are in the Greater Boston Area, we can travel to you to film for your virtual event.

Host a virtual event with Auri Productions
Host a virtual event with Auri Productions

Musical Arrangements

From a cappella to orchestra, Auri Productions is home to highly trained musical arrangers. Created with your ensemble in mind, a custom arrangement is the ultimate way to showcase your individuality and expression. Whether the arrangement stands alone or accompanies a virtual video, your satisfaction is guaranteed with our personal service, flexibility, and expertise.

Arrangements created outside of the public domain will require approval from the music publisher of the respective song. Let us take care of the legalities, so you can enjoy the music-making.

Please enjoy these examples of Auri Productions' arrangements.


Private Instruction

As experienced teachers, we are able to give you the tools you need to organize, arrange, manage and produce your own music and video projects.

  • Video Editing Techniques

  • Audio Editing Techniques

  • How to Mix and Master your Audio

  • How to create a video from start to finish

  • Arranging Techniques

  • Livestreaming an Event

  • Hosting a Virtual Event

We will pair you will the most experienced staff member on the topic you are seeking. Let us empower you to make your own virtual music video for your community.

How to make a virtual choir video