Illuminate your Community through Live Streaming, Videography, or Music Production 

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Since our inception in 2020, we have assisted over 70 communities to produce 270 projects, bringing over 2500 musicians together during these unprecedented times. Our clients have been enthusiastic about our service; just check out some client testimonials.

Why Live Stream with Auri Productions? 

Today—more than ever before—organizations, companies, and musicians are rethinking how we interact with our audience. From hybrid models, to virtual ticketed events, zoom conferences, and more, every client has their unique situation that requires thoughtful planning and creative development to enact. We live in a world of seemingly endless technological possibilities; at Auri Productions, we simplify this process for you and help you create the model perfect for you. Need a consultation? We can help you pick out the right gear for your venue. Already have equipment but need operators? We can send highly skilled and experienced operators to work your rig. Are you putting on a special event and have no equipment? We can provide everything, from load-in to your stream service of choice.



Are you an emerging artist, struggling to receive higher-paying gigs, a larger audience, and just more overall brand awareness? At Auri Productions, we elevate musicians and performers to their highest potential. You may not realize it now, but having a high-quality live music video—that showcases your talent and performing personality—is the key to leveling up in the industry. Think about it: if you want to showcase your performability to new audiences and venues, a homemade video selfie won’t do the trick. We believe that live music videos are the new business card. Allow us to take your art to the next level with our high-quality audio and video production services, and increase your brand awareness and fanbase, one video at a time.

What is a live music video?
A live music video is similar to a typical music video, with a few subtle differences. Unlike a standard creative music video, live music videos are meant to showcase a band or artist in a way that best represents their live performability. Due to streaming services storming the industry, and fresh off a year with little to no live performances due to the pandemic, we know how important live shows are in the music industry today. Live music videos are your ticket into new performing spaces; a good live music video maintains the polish of a standard music video in aesthetic, with the rawness and vulnerability of a live performance. Through these videos, we aim to capture your truest artistic self, ready to be showcased to your growing audience. 

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Ariel Wyner

Founder and Executive Director

Ariel Wyner is the founder and director at Auri Productions. He is an established arranger, composer, producer, videographer, instrumentalist and vocalist based in Boston, Massachusetts.  During the pandemic, Ariel has been dedicated to finding creative and technological solutions to bring people together through community and music. He has worked on over 300 virtual music videos, and has served as a videographer and video engineer in the Boston Area since 2020. Outside of production, Ariel is a co-founder of Boston's Premier Bluegrass band, The Ruta Beggars, and a founder of the Jewish Bluegrass band, Kol Kahol

Nithada Payackapan

Business and Project Manager

Nithada is a project manager, music educator, singer-songwriter, and music producer with a B.M. in Contemporary Writing and Production from Berklee College of Music. Hailing from Bangkok, Thailand, Nithada has almost two decades of musical experience. She has taught piano and voice with Yamaha Music School of Boston, with a YMES certification from Yamaha Corporation of America to teach group classes. Furthermore, she is well versed in management as an Usher Supervisor and Student House Manager at the Berklee

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Owen Meadows

Live Streaming Coordinator and Technician 


Owen is a sound designer and engineer for live theatre and events. His career in the theatre took him from Hawaii to Boston, where he graduated from Emerson College. His work has since expanded to New York and beyond. His dozens of credits span educational, local, regional, and Off-Broadway productions. He specializes in working on new and untold stories for workshops and developmental pieces. Outside of the theatre, Owen is an avid reader, writer, and photographer.

Athanasios Lazarou

Videographer / Graphic Designer 


Athanasios Lazarou is a film composer, videographer, and multi-instrumentalist from Greece. Having graduated cum lauda from Berklee College of Music with a Bm in film scoring, he went on to work in the film industry in various roles including Assistant Director, Script Supervisor, Boom Operator, and Assistant Camera. He runs a music video production service and has shot and produced over 100 music videos, commercials, live concerts, and promotional videos over the past 4 years. He has worked on two feature films and done post-production work for them including assistant editing, rough editing, orchestration, audio mixing, and more. Athanasios has experience editing music videos, wedding videos, promotional videos, lyric videos, motion graphics, and more.

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Amir Aharon 

Mixing Engineer 


Amir Aharon is a music producer and sound engineer from Tel Aviv, Israel. While studying at Berklee College of Music, majoring in Music Production and Engineering, Amir worked as a live sound engineer and lighting director at the Berklee Performance Center and The Red Room at Café 939, in shows by Berklee students as well as world renowned artists including Charlie Puth, Jamila Woods and Noa. During that time Amir also worked as a recording and mixing engineer at Ugly Duck Studios in Allston, Massachusetts. Upon graduation Amir returned to his hometown of Tel Aviv and opened his own recording and mixing studio.